STARMATE – Wartungssystem für komplexe Systeme

Entwickelt von „Thales Optronique“

„At the core of the STARMATE system there is a powerful computer that contains an electronic manual with all known information about the system to be assembled or maintained. It is able to detect what the user is looking at, by combining earlier information with current messages from the laser pointer in the user’s headset. This allows it to generate images that line up with the user’s view of the equipment and offer text or speech messages about what to do next.“

Anfang des Projekts: 2000



  • Hoehl, Wolfgang (2006): „Augmented Reality (AR). Welche Potentiale gibt es fuer die Architekturvisualisierung?“ In: Computer Spezial; Band 1/2006; Seiten 12-15
  • Schwald, Bernd; Figue, Jean; Chauvineau, Eric; Vu-Hong, Franck; Robert, Anne; Arbolino, Marco; Schnaider, Michael; u. a. (2001): „STARMATE: Using Augmented Reality technology for computer guided maintenance of complex mechanical elements“ In: E-work and E-commerce: novel solutions and practices for a global networked economy; Band 1/2001; Seiten 196


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